Ahmed Gamal

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My objective is to gain knowledge in my field of education and Seeking a job opportunity in the field of Computer
Engineering or Academic Career where my technical, analytical, organizational and communication skills
can be enhanced. I hope to join a professional team of software engineers and teaching in university (networks
and security and Image processing,IOT ), and to participate in the development of cutting edge technological
solutions. I am interested of fields of Software Engineering and Problem Solving and I’m Seeking a challenging
position in a reputable company where my academic background and interpersonal skills are well developed and utilized .
IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING, I’m proactive. When I think about things, I do them. I like to see results and it’s important in this
industry to be proactive and responsible for your own actions, When I'm working on a project, I don't want just to meet
deadlines. Rather, I prefer to complete the project well ahead of schedule, I'm a creative thinker. I like to explore alternative
solutions to problems and have an open mind about what will work best.
I love challenges and getting job done, I really enjoy meeting and working with a lot of different people
I’m proactive, a creative thinker, a multi-task person, a great motivator, ambitious, problem solver, i can work professionally
under stress, i love challenges and getting job done and i really enjoy meeting and working with a lot of different people, i
add a good spirit in the place and i like sharing my experience with others .

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