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انا جيروم .. انا اعمل علي الكثير من البرامج و اتعلم في هذه المجالات منذ 2011 ..اعمل علي كثير من برامج ال 3دي و ال 2 دي و الصور و المونتاج و صناعه الفيديوهات و الصوت ..
I can create this logo for you and we can add 2D or 3D formats. We can draw attention to the shapes and colors in the logo or make a logo for it. We can do something great if you cooperate with me and we offer this logo with high quality ideas and possibilities.
I'm a designer 3D .. and animation and modieling
I can make this stereotype easily and mastery and a little price and a very short time and high quality and we can add some stuff and some of the effects .. I work on a lot of programs since 2011 such as maya 3d. belnder. c4d and many of them I would like to work together to do something good together
hey my name is jerome
im realy want to do your logo .. i have idea ..
We can make it distinctly have high skills in photoshop and the lowest price and the highest quality I can provide .. Tell me more information so I can help you and think together to make it more distinctive and i can do it fast with qulity


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